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Transfer Credit Eligibility Lookup

Search for courses you completed at your previous institution for transfer eligibility.

The Emmanuel College Transfer Credit Eligibility and Course Equivalency Search allows prospective students to identify which and how their current or completed coursework may transfer to Emmanuel upon matriculation. This search is intended to provide prospective students with an unofficial transfer course evaluation. Official transfer evaluations are provided to the student after application and official acceptance to Emmanuel College. This database is continuously updated as new courses are evaluated. Courses not listed within the search merely have not been previously evaluated and the absence of a course is not indicative of its transfer eligibility. Current Emmanuel students may also use this search form as reference in seeking preliminary approval for off-campus coursework in accordance with Emmanuel College’s Study Off Campus policy. Matriculated students should still submit a Study Off Campus Form to the Office of the Registrar prior to registering for any off-campus coursework.

Course equivalencies are subject to change. This is primarily due to changes in the transfer institution’s course description, additional review by academic departments for major requirement fulfillment, or changes to Emmanuel’s current course offerings that impact an equivalency’s transfer designation. Courses that are not accepted for transfer will be noted with a “NO CREDIT” in the “Emmanuel Course” Column of the equivalency results.

Please refer to the following links for additional transfer credit policies and guidance:
     - Emmanuel College Transfer Credit Policy
     - Transfer Course Number Key for Non-Emmanuel Equivalent Courses
     - Domains of Knowledge-General Requirements Guidelines

To search for course equivalents, enter one of the fields below. You may use partial entries to search for transfer institutions (such as Bunker for Bunker Hill Community College), but do not use “nicknames” to search (such as UMass for the University of Massachusetts). The search is not case-sensitive. Results will appear On the next page, where you may then search more specifically based on transfer course or Emmanuel equivalent courses.

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